The iiItem Mod adds several dozen new items to the game, concentrating on lesser known item types (such as potions, bracers, arrows etc). The mod does not (currently) add any upgradable items, item parts or smiths. Game balance has been taken into account during item creation, and over-powered items have (hopefully) been avoided - there are no +5 katanas!

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Key Names is a mod for Baldur's Gate 2 that updates the names of one-off keys after they have been used to unlock their specific door to make it clearer in the inventory which items are still required.

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Learn Through Use attempts to add a small element of realism to the game. Rather than offering weapon proficiency points for weapon types the player may never have even seen, let alone used, Learn Through Use weapon proficiencies for weapon types the player is actually using. It makes sense - the more you hits an opponent with a weapon, the better you get at doing it! Each weapon type is handled individually (e.g. daggers and katana's are handled separately, as in the original game) and all items retain their assigned weapon proficiencies (e.g. The Flail of Ages still uses the Flail proficiency).

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No Banter is a small mod for Baldur's Gate 2 that disables party banter. While party banter can be immersive and revealing, it can also break immersion. How likely is it that party members would begin a banter while exploring a dark forbidding dungeon? Or while sneaking through an enemy stronghold? Or while disguised in a drow stronghold?

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Projectile Retrieval has a simple aim - to allow the player to retrieve used projectiles. Primarily intended for arrows (though bolts and bullets are supported), the fact that projectile can be retrieved from the environment after use increases the realism of the game (and besides, it's cool to pick up your spent arrows from the bodies of your fallen enemies).

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iiSpellSystemAdjustments offers a couple of tweaks to the way spells work; spellcasters can gain experience for casting spells, and spells can automatically refresh after a configurable amount of time.

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iiTweak contains 27 tweaks and convenience alterations for the Infinity Engine series of games, mainly focusing on removing soft-coded limitations, such as spell exclusions, class modifiers, dual class requirments and racial requirements.

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iixando is a one day total conversion for Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal that radically changes the game.

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chr2cre is a single-service website that convers Infinity Engine CHR files (as generated by the game's export function) to Infinity Engine CRE files. The website supports CHR files version 1, 1.2, Version 2 and version 9, i.e. CHR files from all Infinity Engine games except Icewind Dale 2.

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dlg2txt is command line utility to extract string information from dialog.tlk files used in the Infinity Engine relating to specific NPCs into a csv to enable further processing, primarily to generate a dataset for npctextprediction.

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IEShellEx is series of plugin shell extensions for the Windows Shell to expose the content of file-types used in the Infinity Engine. Plugins include thumbnail providers and customisable tooltip providers, with both plugin types supporting reading data from multiple game installations.

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IEString is a web API to return random strings from Infinity Engine games, which powers the Infinity Quotes Alexa skill.

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npctextprediction is machine learning driven API that provides a probability weighting of which NPC from the Baldur's Gate game series is most likely to speak a specified sentence. The probabilities can be generated based on Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal, or a combined dataset.

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tlktosql is command line utility to read string information from dialog.tlk files used Infinity Engine to an SQLite database, primarily to generate the database used by IEString.

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Weiduize is command line tool to automatically convert TBG and IAP mod files for the Infinity Engine games to the newer WeiDU format. The tool supports all known versions of TBG (version 1 - 4) and IAP files (version 1).

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Infinity Quotes (Alexa Skill)

Infinity Quotes is an Alexa Skill that can read a random quote from an Infinity Engine game. Install from the Alexa market place.

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Older tools

The *IE tool suite is a small collection of tools to convert Infinity Engine file formats to and from plain text files. This approach makes it easy to bulk edit files using simple a search and replace process.

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Photoshop Plugins

The TBG Photoshop Plugin Pack is a small collection of Photoshop plugins to allow Infinity Engine graphics formats to be imported / exported to Photoshop, specifically TIS, MOS and PLT.

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